Short Story: A Lover’s pleas.

Listen to: Jóhann Jóhannsson – Krókódíll. 

“It’s done, it’s over, we’re through” he said as he shook his head in remorse.

“No we’re not” she replied softly.

For the first time, her vivid voice did more than just allure him, it shocked him, “Why not..?” he calmly said.

“Because my heart still beats for you, and you, you feel me too” she confidently said.

He could not reply, for she had won this battle of scars. They stood there, staring at each other in complete silence while both their hearts shattered to million pieces within.

“You do not understand…” he murmured, “but I do…” she interrupted.

He reached out for her hand and grasped it roughly, she gasped in fright. He held her palm with both his hands, and placed it on his chest, right about above his heart.

“Then explain this to me…” he whispered in her ear.

“I canno..” she could finish her sentence, for her chain of thoughts were interrupted by his fast heartbeat. Her entire being shivered with every beat of his heart. This was it, she thought. This was the moment she had feared for so long. He knew, he always knew the time would come, they both did in fact.

Yet, with all the raw emotions soaring around them, neither one of them was strong enough to walk away or weak enough to stay. They just stood there. Hallow as they were – staring into one another’s naked soul without a single spoken word.

Right when his clenched hands began to ease, she pulled her hand swiftly and hid it behind her back. She took a few steps back. He almost stepped forward, almost. He did not. He hesitated. She witnessed as his devils and angels minced him apart. She feared it. She feared him. She took another step backwards, only this time, to see if he’d suppress his devils and step forward. He froze, entirely. For moment, he could not blink. His hands shivered. His shirt was soaked with sweat. ‘What am I doing here’ he thought to himself, ‘what is happening here’ he asked himself.

He knew if she stepped one more step away from him, she would no longer be his. It was that damned pride of hers that always stood in her heart’s way. He was well aware that the girl who stands before him in tears and shivers is his soul mate, though, God Forbid he believes in such myths. ‘Let me go… let me be’ he finally said breaking a silence that seemed to have lasted centuries.

She could not speak; she felt her body turn around, and her legs walking away. She wanted to stop. She needed to stop, she wanted to run back and kiss him. She wanted it to get better, not worse. She wanted to stop. She could not stop. Her legs were moving, ‘why am I walking away, stop! Stop!’ she screamed within, her legs would not respond. ‘Please, stop. I love this man’ she pled her mind, her mind would not follow. ‘Do not leave, no please, put the car keys away, do not walk away, do not, do not’ she ordered her hand to stop, her hand did not respond. ‘One last look, just one more, please, turn around, blow a kiss, show him your face’ she begged her face; her face did not turn around. Her lips did not blow a kiss. Her eyes did not meet his. Her hands drove her away, far, far away. Her entire body could not stay. Her soul, however, would rather cling to his until they intertwine.

He picked up his phone, dialed her home number, and left a message at the tone: I cannot live without you.

  1. amazing 😉 so impressing

  2. Oh wow… I need to put you in my blogroll girl.

    • Fatima
    • October 28th, 2011

    Stunning! What a brilliant story-teller you are, madam! Love it

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