The Stranger within us.

Listen to: Luigi Rubino – Nostalgie

There is a stranger walking down my streets;

Turning my sweet serendipity into murky fate

There is a stranger in my home invading my rooms;

Asking me to move tamely across my hallways

There is a stranger lying naked on my bed;

Soaking my pure bed sheets with stained crimson

There is a stranger in my closet searching through my cloth;

Ripping my fabrics and stitching them onto my skin

There is a stranger inhaling my air;

Forcing me to hold my breath for a pleasure of theirs

There is a stranger in my heart rupturing my vein;

Telling me to bleed my way out of my heart

There is a stranger in my womb feeding on my nutrients;

Weakening my body with an unwelcomed murderous stay

There is a stranger roaming in my dreams;

Haunting my consciousness with bereavement

There is a stranger upon us, in between us, and within us;

Thou shan’t leave;

Thou shall destroy;

Thou shall harm;

Thou shall slay;

Thou shall possess;

Thou shall dictate;

Thou shan’t be but not to let us be.

  1. This is profound, in a dark, shiver-inducing way. I literally shuddered and teared up a bit while reading it. God bless the state of mind you were in when you wrote it…

    Simply put, I love it…

    • Thank you <3.

      God knows how it feels when your words control you.

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