I am Human.

Listen to: Death is the road to Awe.

This is the real definition of ‘human’ nowadays.


I am Human.

I seek wisdom in juvenile routes.

I seek love in aching routes.

I seek strength in frail routes.

I seek knowledge in illiterate routes.

I seek warmth in bitter routes.

I seek power in adumbral routes.

I seek truth in deceitful routes.

I seek kindness in malicious routes.

I seek hope in apathetic routes.

I seek heaven in errant routes.

I seek, seek, and only seek.

Never do I listen.

Never do I learn.


I am Human.

I demand respect, yet I disrespect.

I demand love, yet I hate.

I demand hope, yet I discourage.

I demand truth, yet I lie.

I demand rights, yet I do not give.

I demand freedom, yet I jail.

I demand life, yet I kill.

I demand, demand, and only demand.

Never do I give.

Never do I learn.


I am Human.

I claim to be alive, yet I am dead.

I claim to be free, yet I am chained.

I claim to be loved, yet I am alone.

I claim to be heard, yet I am silent.

I claim to be understood, yet I am confused.

I claim, claim, and claim.

Never do I stop claiming.

Never do I learn.


I am human

I cut down trees for my own good.

I take away lives for my own good.

I steal for my own good.

I destroy for my own good.

I sabotage for my own good.

I speak for my own good.

I lie for my own good.

I hurt for my own good.

I do everything for my own good.

Never do I care.

Never do I learn.


I am human.

I am a monster in disguise.

I am a creature hidden well behind a mask.

I am a ruthless being roaming this earth.

I am ungrateful.

I am doubtful.

I am selfish.

I am inhuman.

I am everything, but a human.

    • nabsi
    • March 26th, 2011

    Did you write that? Very true

    • Ryan
    • March 30th, 2011

    Very Provocatively said Arabzy.. I bet u live outside the middle east, because your English is emasculate

    • Ryan
    • March 31st, 2011

    Lol that was supposed to say immaculate* – auto correction sux

    • Priapus_D
    • April 14th, 2011

    Concerning what they seek, do they attain? And with regard to what they demand is it really what they yearn?
    Only by giving we end up with more my friend tweep 😉

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