The Universe: Inner-Confusions and Outer-Quarrels.

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Situations alter mostly all the time. We as humans seek change in orthodox seemingly ways so much so that they become the normal routine of our lives. We accustom ourselves to the harsh reality of life thinking it is the only way to living. Surely, when one finds a seat too big or too small – regardless of how hard they tried to fit in the seat, at some point, one would get up and change the seat (The Simpler way of doing it)

We somehow seem to suppress our souls and accommodate ourselves in contained and locked up situations disregarding comfort due to the rigid mentality of “Deal with it”. My fingertips refuse to type down whatever my mind commands it to, or do they?

Nonetheless – Away from inner-self confusion to outer universe of misunderstandings and quarrel: The universe as we know it is nothing like we know. Lately my interest spam has widened to fill the universe – literally. I tend to question my surroundings so much so that I asked myself a key question: Do I even know what my surroundings are?

Apparently, I do not. On a quest to understand human psychology through my eyes, I took a few steps back and decided to understand the world in particles and atoms. My mental memory in this quest seems to be remedial. A part from the Astronomy course I have decided to take this semester, I managed to put my Google skills into action by finding one of the most magnificent 9 minutes of my life (And possibly yours too)

Powers of Ten:

How do I relate this video to my everyday trouble?

Well, after watching this video and following the news of Arab world closely – I have come to a conclusion about my day-to-day worries: They do not matter.

La fin.

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