Life: A Paradox of Thoughts.

We all question. Whether it is ourselves or others, we never stop questioning. I find myself clashed between questions and answers. Not knowing where to go, or which way this road might take me. I walk aimlessly, in hopes of finding the right companion along the road.
That is the Definition of life, isn’t it?
Along this road, we call life – We might tumble with imbalance, we might fall from the drastic wind pulling us down, we might crawl in fears of standing up again, we might stop at many points and question ourselves: where are we headed, and why.
But never do we reach the very end of it by our own choice, unless some of us wish to dig a hole right where they are standing, and burry themselves there. We take a lot of steps back, much more than we move forward, but we can never give up.
Trying to figure everything out; all at once, has been quite hard on me. I have learned a lot, but not what I wanted to learn. I have generated a bunch of extra questions; ones I never asked before, and added them to the list of unanswered questions I already have in mind.

That is the way of life, isn’t it?
The art of living is not questioning. We all do that, remember? It is knowing what to ask, who to ask, and when to ask. Those three golden questions are the basic and root of all questions. Larry Kersten Said: “Cluelessness – There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.”- Unless Kersten was implying that the term ‘idiots’ is a synonym for ‘mankind’ then I will have to disagree. We all think. We all question. We all wonder.
That is the price of life, isn’t it?
Memory lane takes me back to kindergarten, where one of the very first nursery rhyme I was taught was ‘Twinkle Little Star’
This is exactly how I was taught to sing it: Memories run through my head as I see her twinkling her hands, remembering Mrs.S [My kindergarten teacher].

And so, we were taught to wonder since the diaper ages of our time – But why? Why choose this certain poem, by Jane Taylor? Why teach us to ‘twinkle’ our hands and “sprinkle some magic dust with our fingers”? If you try to closely think about those nursery days of, you will realize that all they did was; teach us how to wonder, ask, and potty train us. I always loved those stars stickers the teacher put on my forehead, and had that jealous spark lit up inside me once she gave it to another student.
Some may argue that thoughts are not valid if not scientific. Now I know you are probably wondering, who said that? The next thought that popped in your head was: where did the writer of this post get that piece of information from?
That is the beauty of life, isn’t it?
What is this post about?
What am I trying to say?
I said what I wanted to say. I laid my baffling thoughts out, and feel a bit lightheaded. But I still do not have my questions answered. If it is one thing I learned after this post is, now I have more questions in my head than I first started (Which was 10 minutes ago) – but how long will it take me to answer them? And how many nights will I stay up thinking about them?
If the definition of life is the road we walk, the way of life is questioning, and the price of it is idiocy, while the beauty of it is our brain – Then, what is life?
  1. We always seek the thing or person who might answer our questions. We look for a partner, hoping that this someone would answer our questions about love and loyalty. We go to schools and universities, seeking to get educated, perhaps that would answer our scientific questions. We follow religions, hoping that would answer our questions about why and how we were created, and what will happen to us after we perish. There will always be questions. But only in those few ways I mentioned above can we lessen the burden of all those unanswered questions. Lovely post 🙂

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