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Cold feet burn the soul
Torched down trees stand tall
A leopard seeking revenge
A little rabbit proud and avenged
I find not what is true
I seek purity and not the blue
To gather the ashes within
Plunge the knife further in
Little red riding hood
Scared, yet proud she stood
Crumbled pages of unspoken words
Pain, woe, and plenty of hurt
Nails painted red and white
Eyes stained with tears at night
Folded pages come to an end
Peace of mind is heaven sent

    • Anonymous
    • October 29th, 2010

    I'm not into poetry… But I think it talks about how somebody's hesitations and doubts have caused pain to the “writer”, but even after all that pain, distress and sadness, the “writer” is proud of passing throw that experience and learns from it…
    After the “writer” realizes that he/she has become stronger, he/she finds the calm again…

    More or less? Not even close? =S I tried my best… =D


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