Purity of the soul..

Listening to: Sundial Dreams

The beauty of matter lines within its profundity. I believe in all things good. I believe that we all have a good soul. I believe that no matter how hideous the actions are; the intentions however, are almost always pure.

The other day, I was with a group of friends; waiting to register for this semester’s courses. There was a huge crowd waiting as well. One conversation led to the other, and soon enough I was asking everyone if think humans are good in general –deep, deep inside. Everyone nodded sideways; disapproving my question.

I was the only person who still believed.

I was the only person who still hoped.

I was the only person.

Nonetheless, those thoughts lead me to my post tonight. Why am I unappreciated within my own circle of people?

My question is completely rhetorical. I don’t want proof of the uncertain. That way, I’d always have a wide scale of speculations, and the worst of people won’t always get to me. I find so little hope sometimes; that no matter how hard I try, I scoop down to the level of frustration.

Even with all the hurting, even with all the misunderstandings, even with all the painful accusations and even with all the painful desertions I’ve been through; I still believe that every single person out there is good – No matter how deep/far the goodness is, it’s still there.

The fountain of disappointments doesn’t pile up from actions. No, it piles up from lewd intentions. No matter how impure one’s intentions are; the actions won’t come out as bad – unless, the initial purpose was tainted.

Which brings me one sole question, why do people choose to be bad to one another?

Is it the internal pain they feel within?

Is it a way for them to avenge for their misunderstood soul?

Or is it the only way they’re heard?

Despite all reasons, it all comes down to one statement: ”If you hurt me, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I’d want someone else to hurt you, so you’d feel the pain I felt without me actually causing it.”

But isn’t that too harsh?

Why would anyone want someone else to go through any pain at all?

    • Taz.
    • September 24th, 2010

    Pain is overrated. You get hurt, get back up on your feet again, and move on. Sometimes things turn out to be even better that way. After all, without pain, there's no gain! =)

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