Enchanted land.

Listening to: Man of the world.

I remember when I used to be a seven year old child, how alluring I found swimming pools to be. I used to always wonder how I could see my hand once I put it inside the water, but if I tried to look from underneath the water I only saw my reflection. How fascinating I thought that was. I used to think that swimming pool water was different from any other sort of water. I used to believe that it was some magical water from an enchanted land only mystical creature can see, and every time I set my body inside of it; I too, belong to that land.

I remember being the only seven year old who could swim to the “Deep”, It always awestruck me how the water got colder the deeper I went. From the moment I set foot inside the swimming pool, I feel the gravity of its deepness pulling me towards it. I swim like no other, and once I reach there – every single time – I twirl in my position over and over again, until the dizziness finally gets me.

I thought if I reached the deep end of the pool, my twirls would take me there. That’s why I always closed my eyes. I wanted to feel the magic lift me up from the water to the air, and swipe me away to that world I was never a part of. I never felt prouder of myself than those times when I reached the deep end of the enchanted land. It was my greatest joy.

I started to walk around the swimming pool wondering to myself if I could ever go to that land. The thoughts got the best of me and the more I ran out of answers or ways to try, the less I went into the pool. I felt as though I was being kept out. The magic soon started to fade, and I found myself growing away from the water that once captivated me. The enchanted world became a myth to me and my feet were never to set foot anywhere near or inside a swimming pool again.

Years later, I find myself nostalgic towards it. I find myself needing to let loose into the water and – twirl again. I find myself wanting to believe in that magical world again.

I still find it fascinating, how I can’t see my hand out of the water if my head was under the water. I find it very interesting that it still fascinates me till this day. I guess some myths just grow to be a part of us. No matter how old we get, we still believe everything we thought we true decades ago. Regardless of how old we are, or how true/fake those beliefs turned out to be.

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